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Rules and Guidlines

Post by craftastic on Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:22 pm

Here are some basic and easy rules to follow when going about this site.
1. Be Respectful! When someone posts a tutorial or posts something that they have made, do not comment 'That is ugly' or 'please re-do that' or even 'I can barely even look at that thing'. Please be respectful and say nice things about other's work. It helps boost their self-confidence. However, you can give them friendly tips on how to do or work on a certain part of their project. If they seemed to have done it wrong, tell them the way you did it in the past and give them some pointers.
2. Organization. Make sure to post in the right area. If you want to post a tutorial for how to crochet a hat, put that in the tutorial section. If you want to post a regular fun game, post it in the General Discussion section. Also, before posting, use the 'search' tool to make sure a tutorial hasn't been posted twice. It leaves more space for brand new tutorials and it is a non-time waster if the members are looking at the same project twice or more.
3. No Inappropriate Content. If we see any inappropriate content then that post will be removed immediately and you will get a warning but if it keeps happening your account will be either suspended or banned.

Those are the rules for this site. Follow them and we won't have any problems. The rules may get updated frequently so make sure to check every so often or look out for any comments because I might just leave a comment saying that it has been updated.

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